The FBC Story

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Our History
On a Monday evening in 1954, seven people met to pray, with the goal of starting a church in the Kentwood area. Meeting in individual homes for study and prayer for several weeks, this small group of believers chose the name "Faith Baptist Church" for their community of believers. Over 50 years later, though the names and faces have changed, Faith Baptist Church remains a place in Kentwood for those searching for God and seeking that same faith.

Our Present
We at Faith Baptist are a community of those seeking God's truth and purpose for our lives. We seek to apply the ancient truth of the Bible in our hectic 21st century lives. We meet together each week to worship God, learn God's truth, and serve our community. Not one of us is perfect, and we all experience struggles, so we gather to help each other fulfil the purpose God has for each one of our lives.