FBC Story | What We Believe | Our Staff

Faith Baptist Church is a community of people seeking God's truth and purpose for our lives. The reason for everything we do is to make disciples of Jesus. To help each other along this process, we encourage each other to follow Jesus in four areas: gather, grow, give, go, seeking in everything to give glory to our God.

Gather Around the Gospel
  Each Sunday at 10:00 am, we all gather together in the auditorium for a time of worship and teaching focused on the gospel, or good news, that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died and rose again to save sinners.

Grow With Others
  We also meet weekly in small groups, which we call "Community Groups." Starting at 11:30 am on Sunday, we meet in small groups to help each grow into a better follower of Jesus and pray for one another.
  We know that only spending time studying the Bible and in prayer on Sunday mornings is simply not enough to build a dynamic and living relationship with God. So, we also encourage everyone to grow more like Jesus on their own, as well.

Give Like Jesus
  In addition to learning more about Jesus, we also want to give him our best by finding an area to serve others. We know people have busy lives, so we encourage all of our regular attenders to find one ministry where they can use their God-given talents to serve others.

Go Make New Disciples
  Jesus told his followers to go and tell others about him. We challenge our people invest in the lives of their friends and invite their friends to come meet Jesus at Faith.